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Access control is an important component of a security plan. There are several components of access control -- all intended to ensure that only people who are authorized to be on your property are there.


A strong access control program can greatly reduce the risk of theft, property damage and, more important, physical assault on an employee.


There are many ways to control access, including the use of security guards, strong guidelines on who can have a set of keys, and electronic systems that not only can control access, but that can keep a register of who has gained access and when they did so.


Bonafide Security Solutions has a complete line of products from such manufactures such as Schlage Electronics, Software House, Vanderbilt Industries, Kantech and many more that will give you the level of access control appropriate for your situation. We can conduct a free security audit to determine just what your needs are, and then provide expert installation and service.


Access control systems include:

 - Multiple door databased card access systems

 - Single door access systems

 - Electronic and mechanical push-button systems

 - Photo ID systems for staff and visitors

 - Time Scheduling

Access Control

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